This is some of the industry recognition "On the Deck @ Shark Bay" has received since opening 2015. We hope this gives you confidence in booking with us.

2021 Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Winner

Placing On the Deck # Shark Bay in the top 10% of Hotels

Travelmyth Booking System - Top Small Accommodation in Denham 2021

Airbnb Superhost - 2020

Ten consecutive Awards.


Quality Tourism Accreditation - 2020 through the Tourism Council of Western Australia.

2020 Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Winner

Placing On the Deck # Shark Bay in the top 10% of Hotels


2020 Recognition of Excellence

HotelsCombined recognizes On the Deck @ Shark Bay amongst the best hotels in Australia

HotelsCombined, the Australian-based hotel price comparison website owned by KAYAK, has selected On the Deck @ Shark Bay to receive the official Recognition of Excellence Award. This selection has come from HotelsCombined’s extensive surveys using data from millions of guest reviews for a wide range of accommodation within Australia.

On the Deck @ Shark Bay has consistently produced a high satisfaction rating among guests and travel industry experts. On the Deck @ Shark Bay has received 83 reviews and earned an impressive guest rating of 10 out of 10 on HotelsCombined.

On the Deck @ Shark Bay now joins an elite group of hotels around the world that have been awarded the HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence. This exclusive collection of highly-rated accommodations has been chosen using a strict set of criteria such as the quality and consistency of reviews, the absence of recurring or unresolved issues with customers, popularity of the property and of course, the overall resulting score.

“Insert quote here”, said On the Deck @ Shark Bay’s manager

“We are thrilled to be working with the best hotels in Australia. On the Deck @ Shark Bay has proven its place among them with this award and its commitment to providing high-quality services to all guests,” said Melinda Balazs, Hotel Awards Program Manager at HotelsCombined.

Inclusion in the "lonely planets" 20th Edition Australian Guidebook.

Airbnb Superhost - 2019

Nine consecutive Awards.

Tripadvisor - 2019 - Certificate of Excellence - 2018  - Guest Review Award

Four consecutive 9.6 review scores.

2018 Luxury Outback Retreat of the Year - Western Australia

This makes three LUXURY TRAVEL GUIDE awards in three years.

Tripadvisor - 2018 - Certificate of Excellence

Airbnb Superhost - 2018

Five consecutive Awards. - 2017 - Guest Review Award

Luxury Travel Guide - 2017 - Australasia - Western Australian Luxury Country Hotel Winner

Tripadvisor - 2017 - Certificate of Excellence

Gascoyne Business Awards 2017 - Accommodation Industry - Winner

Airbnb Superhost - 2017

Luxury Travel Guide - 2016 - Australasia Unique Hotel Award - 2016  - Guest Review Award

Travel Myth - 2017 - Top Accomodation in Denham Award - 2015 - Guest Review Award