This page contains an inspiring collection of photos taken by guests on On the Deck while visiting Shark Bay. Many of them are taken from the Deck into the natural outback scrub in front of the property.

If you intend to stay at On the Deck @ Shark Bay make sure you bring your camera.

Two young males practising their boxing.

On the Deck @ Shark Bay from street level at night.

Credit: Alan Simpson - Jan 2021

These great shots were taken by Anja  and Sergej Peters from Germany in April 2018. Anja and Sergej actually stayed downstairs in our Green Room but took every opportunity to get up onto the Deck to see the animals and socialise with the other guests.

Thanks for sharing your great work.

These great "mid bounce" kangaroo photos were taken by John Goldfinch from Victoria, Australia.

He entitled them "One of the locals coming to see the new arrivals".

The thorny Devil he came across in Francois Peron National Park with Garth from Shark Bay Coastal Tours.

The Dugong shot was taken during a wildlife cruise on Shotover.

Great shots John and thanks for posting them.

Two Emus grazing on the new grass after some recent rain.

Credit to Michael and Caroline Wilson from Brisbane, Australia.

The colours of Shark Bay.

Credit:  Samantha and Ben From Perth.

Great shots of some locals having a drink at On fhe Deck

Credit: Nathalie Waller from Switzerland.

A great mother and calf Dugong action shot taken while on a Wildsights cruise on Shotover.

Credit: Kristin Schroer - Germany